What Are The Different Types Of Websites & Their Costs

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In this blog, we shall discuss the different types of websites, the meaning of a website, the available types of websites, the cost of your website, and which plan you should purchase. 

So what is a Website? A website is simply a collection of web pages where you can display information regarding your company profile, contact details, product or services, etc. Modern websites also offer the facility of buying and selling communication calculations such as EMI, life insurance, video and audio streaming, playing games, etc.

So what are the different types of websites? We can classify websites into four main categories.

1. Static Website.

2. Dynamic Website.

3. E-Commerce Website.

4. Customized Website.

A static website is a website that is not connected to a database and serves static HTML pages. On the other hand, dynamic websites are those websites that are connected to a database and shows information to the end user by fixing it from the database. Ecommerce websites on the other hand are a type of dynamic website that is connected to a database and the main function of it is to buy and sell. Customized websites can either be static or dynamic websites where the developers don’t use any framework for their design or development. In a customized website, a developer does the entire work right from scratch.

In a static website, the website owners can edit or update the website on their own. In a dynamic website, website owners can later update the website on their own from its dynamic admin panel. In an E-commerce website, web owners can update the website on their own from its dynamic panel, and even in the case of a customized website, the website owner can develop a dynamic admin panel with the help of which they can update the website on their own.

An aesthetic website consumes less time and therefore its cost is also quite less as compared to dynamic or other e-commerce and customized sites. Dynamic websites cost high and the time required is also more as compared to static websites and e-commerce websites cost more and the time required is also more as compared to static and dynamic websites. And on the other hand customized website takes the highest time and cost.

In a static website, there is no CMS framework. CMS simply means content management system. In a dynamic website, you can have a custom or open-source content management framework. In the case of e-commerce websites, you can also have custom or open-source CMS frameworks. Similarly in the case of customized websites too, you can have customized or open-source CMS frameworks.

So, How Much Do These Websites Cost?

The cost of aesthetic websites starts from 2,999 onwards. For a complete package including domain hosting, emails, SSL certificate, and so on. The cost of a dynamic website starts from 9,999 and it’s for a complete package including domain hosting, SSL certificate, and so on. The cost of an e-commerce website starts from 19,999 and it’s for a complete package including domain hosting, SSL certificate, payment gateway, and so on. The cost of a customized website is totally dependent on the customization for the complete package including domain and hosting.

So let’s discuss which website should we choose.

As we have already seen that there are four main types of websites static, dynamic, e-commerce, and customized. So you can choose a static website if you need a website just for online presence and if you do not want to update the website more frequently. Dynamic websites if you want to get customers from the web get a dynamic website and update it frequently so that fresh content gets published for your customers and search engines. E-Commerce Websites If you want to sell your products or services online directly through your website, e-commerce is the best solution for you. Customize website, If you want a very unique design or function on your website, customizing it will only solve your requirement.

No matter what your requirement is, you can contact us to get your website designed by a team of professionals with more than nine years of experience. Thank you for reading this blog.

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