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Best Website Designing Course in Guwahati in 2023

WeBotApp Academy

The Best Institute in Guwahati Conducting Website Designing Course in Guwahati

Website Designing Course in Guwahati
Website Designing Course in Guwahati

We have heard about website designers and web developers but not sure what are these professions. So today, in this article we will be discussing the roles of these professions and their income opportunities, if you want to choose to be a website designer or a web developer as a career in your future. This article contains the entire path of starting a career as a website designer or developer.

Either a website or a web application, we frequently use these mediums to purchase an apparel or to purchase a new pair of shoes or a mobile phone, a laptop, etc. We even use websites to search for a new PG or to search for a new rented apartment in our locality. Not only this, we also use websites to watch videos such as on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

Be it a private company or a Government department, most of the activities nowadays are conducted online. Let’s take the example of a Government College. If we have to get admitted in one of the colleges in our locality then what we have to do is to visit their website, open the registration link and then fill up the online form which we will get in order to get admitted in that college. The college authority will immediately get notified that a student has registered on their website and based on the previous results / records, the college authority will decide whether to take the student or to reject the application. The entire process is very systematic and the college authority can save a lot of time in doing it rather to perform all these operations offline with pen and paper.

So, as a result in 2022 if we choose to be a website designer or a website developer, we get a very good career with plenty of jobs or freelancing projects and handsome income opportunities.  Therefore a lot of of youngsters prefer to learn website designing and website development to build a strong career in their near future. 

 we the the team of WeBotApp Academy With the objective of changing the society  working in this domain to teach website development And website designing to our students change the past several years.

In North East India, WeBotApp Academy is one of the Pioneer Institute imparting knowledge  of designing a website and digital marketing.  We have a team of experts in the selected domains who work as faculties in this institute. Our team of faculties include those professionals who has worked in this field since the past 10 to 12 years making it the best platform to learn website designing course in Guwahati. As a result you get the opportunity to learn from those professionals who have more industry insights on these particular domains and not from a regular school teacher.

Theory classes, Practicals and Real Life Assignments: Our courses includes theory, lot of practicals and several real life projects. With the term real-life projects we mean to say that you will work on those projects which have been ordered or requested by our clients. It will not only help you to learn technologies, languages and frameworks but also help you to know how to collect information from the clients, how to prepare the workflow of the project and how to communicate with the clients.

Each and every modules will be discussed clearly will takes around six months for completing the course of website designing and development. During the course, at first we learn about the different languages, technologies, platforms, IDEs and softwares. Once the concept or the theory, gets completed, we we start doing practicals of the above mentioned course of action.  In practical we learn how to make a web server at our home, how to to use website designing and development editors, how to to install required plugins and softwares or to open the ports of the computer, etc.

Then comes the languages, such as the designing languages which are HTML5, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap framework, tailwind CSS etc. Once the concept and practicals of learning the language is gets cleared we are ready to learn new framework called WordPress. WordPress is a tool or a framework with the help of which we can design beautiful websites with several functionalities. WordPress allows us to get a readymade CMS or a content management system in our backend, which can be utilised to edit the front-end of the website without learning codes.

So, learning WordPress website designing gives us some clarity how should a dynamic website look like and what are the components of a dynamic website such as the front end and the backend. Now as we are familiar with the coding languages and we are also familiar with WordPress CMS, so we are ready  to learn the programming languages and databases. Our next step will be to learn the programming languages such as PHP and MySql database.  In PHP module, for learning programming languages we will learn how to read a statement for how to select statement, how to update a record, how to insert record and how to delete record from the database.

Except these four statements, we will also learn several new methods of counting, calculating, doing mathematics and so on. There will be several assignments in this module which you have to complete it on time and submit it to us. It will not only clear your doubts but also equip you with industry and technical knowledge.

Once we complete learning the programming languages and databases, now we are ready to take assignments. We will give you some assignments like designing a eCommerce website, or designing a job portal or maybe designing as school management system and once you complete designing this portal or completing these assignments, your overall course gets completed.

Now as you have learned designing a website and developing a website, so you are ready to get paid.  This is the only reason why we are learning this course, obviously for a secured future.  In this period we shall teach you how to use the freelancing platforms how to place bids and do client consultation. If you can place the bids perfectly and consult a client professionally there are very high chances of getting the project. 

So this is all about our course of website designing and website development which we conduct at WeBotApp Academy.  If you are interested to become a professional website developer we highly recommend you to  get enrolled in our 6 months designing and development course and and enhance your career with the most lucrative career path.

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  1. Akan says:

    One of the best institute to learn Best Website Development Course in Guwahati. I have done the course of web development and Paban Sir is simply awesome. He makes the course so interesting and easy so that every student can understand the depths.

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