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Top #1 Job Guaranteed Digital Marketing Course in Assam, Guwahati

Digital Marketing Course in Assam

Digital Marketing Course in Assam

Digital marketing courses are one of the most popular courses of today’s world due to its increasing demand and the remuneration we receive by offering these type of services. Digital marketing is one short of marketing which helps any company or a business organisation to reach more customers, increase sales and to work on making profits.  Digital marketing is growing because the cost of digital marketing is much cheaper than the cost of doing marketing in a physical or traditional way.  At the same time digital marketing also helps us to target the right audience and the time taken to perform any digital marketing campaign can also be very short as compared to the other types of marketing services.

As a result  the demand for digital marketing is growing day by day as the business owners also prefer to do digital marketing instead of doing any other type of marketing campaigns.

As the businesses nowadays prefer to do digital marketing instead of traditional marketing, and therefore the demand for digital marketing course in Assam has also increased and we start receiving several enquiries from the students asking about digital marketing course in Assam. Not only this we have also received several enquiries from the business owners like the small and medium business owners asking about the digital marketing course in Assam.

WeBotApp Academy is one of the pioneer institutes for learning website designing and digital marketing course in Assam. So what will you be learning if you pursue the digital marketing course in Assam from Webotapp Academy:

  • A person who we will be learning about the different platforms of digital marketing.  platform simply  means those companies, websites, and applications where we can publish our advertisements and show it to a mass audience.
  • Once we complete learning about all the platforms of digital marketing the next thing which we can do is to learn about graphic designing. Graphic designing is one of the most important part of digital marketing. Whatever content we have to show it to the audience, we can present that content in the form of a graphic which may either be a picture or a video.  So we have to present those information in an appealing way so that, the information gets registered in the minds of the audience the way, how we want to it to be.
  • Now the most important thing which we have to learn is about the different types of websites and designing a website. Website designing is very important if we are about to learn a digital marketing  course.   What makes WeBotApp Academy the best platform for learning digital marketing course in Assam is that, in our digital marketing course we also teach the students or the participants, how to design websites using the world famous CMS that is WordPress
  • Next will be learning about human psychology. Whether we do traditional marketing, physical marketing for Digital Marketing, we have to learn how to convey our messages to the audience so that the message gets registered in the minds of the people and we can sell or market our services or products in the most appropriate way. The most common mistakes that the digital marketers make is that, they simply design a graphic or a video the way that he or she thinks is good but they do not consider the interest of their audience.  In this situation the digital marketer has to spend a lot of money gathering leads but unfortunately the quality of the leads that the digital marketer gets by running the campaign is not that fruitful to the company or the organisation for whom the campaign is designed for. 

    Therefore in this step we will learn how people think, what people expect and what are the points that we have to remember while designing a creative for Digital Marketing purpose.  This is another important point which makes WeBotApp Academy the best platform to learn digital marketing course in Assam.
  • Once we complete learning about human psychology we are ready to step into the  digital market and run campaigns. Now we will start learning about marketing techniques in Facebook in both organic and in an organic way. Organic simply means that we don’t have to pay any penny to Facebook in order to convey our messages to the end audience. On the other hand, if we are running a paid campaign or an inorganic campaign, in that situation we have to pay a certain amount of fees to Facebook, so that Facebook can convey the message to the end audience.  We will learn all the techniques of promoting a content or a message or a campaign through organic and inorganic ways on Facebook.
  • Digital marketing on Instagram.  Instagram is one of the companies owned by Facebook itself and thus we can run the campaigns on Instagram from the Facebook ads manager as well. And if we wish, we can also run separate campaigns in Instagram through the Instagram app.  Whatever the technique is, we can promote content in Instagram in organic or in an inorganic way, similar to the methods which we will learn in Facebook.
  • Digital marketing on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Both these platforms are very powerful platforms but we have to use these platforms only in certain situations.  If we have to promote a content which is associated with a celebrity with a big company or  a branded content, in that situation we can use the platform called Twitter.  On the other hand, if we have to promote a content which is professional in nature, we can promote it on the platform called LinkedIn. We will be discussing all the different types of campaigns which we can run on Twitter and LinkedIn in detail, in our classes. As there are several platforms of digital marketing, a student may get confused which platform to choose to promote a certain content but here at WeBotApp Academy we explain these  formulae,  tricks and techniques to choose the right platform for the right content and to the right audience and it makes WeBotApp Academy the best institute for learning digital marketing course in Assam.
  • Video SEO, YouTube SEO and Vimeo SEO.  Optimisation for which is a part of SEO itself. But video SEO and local SEO or Organic SEO have certain differences. In video SEO, we try to promote a video on the same platform itself which may be YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.  But while doing so, we have to follow a certain set of principles with the help of which we can rank that video on top of that platform for any keyword that the video is targeted for.  We also learn how to promote short videos and reels on different platforms.
  • In this point we will be learning the most important part of digital marketing which we call SEO. SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and we can do SEO for any business or an organisation to get it rank on top of the search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, etc.  There are primarily two types of SEOS which we can define as local SEO and organic SEO. 

    Local SEO is a technique which we do for the businesses who target local customers within the city or the town.  On the other hand organic SEO is the SEO which we do for those businesses who target customers from within the city or outside or may be the state of the nation.  Techniques for optimising a business or an organisation for local SEO or organic SEO are different. 

    In local SEO we have to maintain certain rules in order to get rankings for that listing such as uploading all the necessary information of the listing in the way the search engine asks for and updating the listing with contents at regular intervals of time.  On the other hand if we do organic SEO we have to work with on page SEO and off page SEO. 

    On page SEO simply means that we have to write good and quality content with proper images, diagrams and videos and maintain several other factors of on page SEO.  At the same time if we want to rank a website on top of a search engine, we also have to perform the task of off page SEO. 

    In off page SEO, our primary task is to build reference links from other websites towards our own website from high quality websites.

    WeBotApp Academy explains in detail about the various methods of doing SEO both for local SEO and for organic SEO which makes us the best academy to learn digital marketing course in Assam.

  • SEM marketing or search engine marketing:  In SEM or search engine marketing we promote a company or a business in different types of search engines like Google, Bing, etc.  Here we pay the search engine companies a certain amount of fees in the form of PPC or pay per click basis and the search engine companies displays the ads which we want to promote on the search engines based on our budget, location, timings, etc.
  • Besides the above type of marketing techniques, we also teach several other types of digital marketing techniques success affiliate marketing, referral marketing, influencer marketing, technology marketing and so on

Interested to learn more and enhance your career? Join WeBotApp Academy, the best institute to learn digital marketing course in Assam. 

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