PHP Basic Tasks

Task 1

Everyday you put 10 litres petrol;

everyday you save 1 litre of petrol;

your tank capacity is 52 litres;

 Q. How many days it will take to make your tank full;

Task 2

There is an atm machine 

Total money in the atm: 10,00,000 cash money

Notes in the atm = 500, 200, 100

500 notes are 50%
200 notes are 25%
100 notes are 25%

Objective = If any user comes to us, withdraw money he should get the notes the the proportion of 50:25:25

Task 3

Everyday you fill your water tank with 25 liters of water;
everyday you use 10% of the water in the tank for household chores;
your water tank can hold 200 liters of water;
How many days will it take for your water tank to be full again?

Task 4

Everyday you produce 100 units of a certain product;
everyday you sell 20% of the total units produced;
every 5th day, you lose 10 units due to a production error;
your storage warehouse can hold 500 units of the product;
How many days will it take for your storage warehouse to be full again?

Task 5

Define variables for three products, where each product has a name, price, and quantity.
Calculate the subtotal of each product (price * quantity).
Apply any applicable discounts to the subtotal of each product.
Calculate the total cost of all products after applying discounts.
Add tax (e.g., 8%) to the total cost.
Print or return the final total cost, rounded to two decimal places.

Task 6

Define variables for the quantity and price of each item in the shopping cart.
Apply a discount of 5% if the quantity of any single item exceeds 10.
Apply a discount of 10% if the total quantity of all items exceeds 30.
Calculate tax (e.g., 8%) on the total cost after applying discounts.
Print or return the final total cost, rounded to two decimal places.

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